Kiel Umschlag tariff for visitors

Parking in the Old Town of Kiel
Planning a visit to the Kieler Umschlag and don't want to worry about finding a parking space? This is possible at Q-Park Altstadt. Our multi-storey car park in Kiel offers you a comfortable and protected parking space for your car.

With our visitor rate you can park for only 15€ instead of 17€ during the Kieler Umschlag from Monday to Sunday.

You want to be guaranteed a parking space without a long search? Then take advantage of our offer - simple and space-saving.

Note: This offer is only valid with prior online booking.
Flämische Straße 15 24103 Kiel
  • This deal is valid from Monday to Sunday.
  • You are guaranteed a parking space.
  • With your reserved parking space you park cheaper.
Q-Park Altstadt
Q-Park Altstadt
You will find 572 parking spaces in our multi-storey car park. It has clean and safe parking facilities in a central location, close to public transport as well as sights and is ideal for a city trip. 
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Q-Park Altstadt
Flämische Straße 15
24103 Kiel
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