Season ticket: flex tariffs 150, 120, 100

With the Flex subscription, you can park flexibly in your parking facility for 150, 120 or 100 hours per month – only you decide when. You can find out which parking objects offer flexible rates on the respective object page of the parking object.

Your advantages at a glance: 

| You always have a safe, dry parking space in any weather. 
| You always have access to the parking garage.
| You have permanent low-cost parking. 
| You always have a personal contact person.
| You have flexible access to your parking time quota.
| At the beginning of each month, your exit quota will be available again.


| Each hour or part thereof will be charged.
| A contract can only be concluded at the beginning of the month.
| Residual credit cannot be carried over to a next month.
| How many hours have already been used can be checked via the Flex remaining balance on our website.

And this is how it works

When you sign a contract as a flex subscriber, depending on the parking facility, you will either receive a haptic card for entering and exiting "your" car park or the option of entering and exiting without a haptic card and with the Q-Park app and number plate recognition.

Simply hold the card up to the sensors (red boxes) located directly at the parking facility and the entrances. As an alternative to the card, you can park even more comforably with the remote control (additional cost), which enables convenient entry and exit at the touch of a button – without having to open the window! In addition to the remote control, you will receive a coded key fob for all entrances to the car park.  

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