Our customer card - the Q-Park Pass

Our customer card - the Q-Park Pass
  • 6 € starting credit free of charge
  • Save the way to the cash machine
  • No additional fees

Park safely with the Q-Park Pass

Parking at Q-Park becomes more convenient and safer with the new Q-Park Pass! With the Q-Park Pass, you no longer need to go to the automatic pay station. You can drive in and out quickly and easily without having to pull out a paper ticket. Your parking payments are accumulated until the end of the month and conveniently debited from your bank account. Order your Q-Park Pass now for free! 

What are your advantages?

| Save yourself a trip to the automatic pay station
| You will receive a starting credit of 6 euros as a gift
| No extra fees

* The starting credit is valid for six months after delivery and is only valid for new customers.

How does it work?

You can conveniently use your Q-Park Pass to enter and exit all participating Q-Park car parks without having to pay your parking fee at the pay station. To do this, simply hold your Q-Park Pass up to the reader of the barrier system at the entrance. When you leave, you also hold your Q-Park Pass up to the reader at the exit. Your stay is precisely documented. Lost parking tickets are a thing of the past with the Q-Park Pass!

Which car parks does the Q-Park Pass work in?

The Q-Park Pass can be used in almost all Q-Park car parks in Germany. An overview of all supported parking facilities can be found here.


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Important note:

Maximum of one Q-Park Pass per person / two Q-Park Passes per household incl. starting credit - all further Q-Park Passes will be issued without starting credit. If you would like to order a higher number of Q-Park Passes for your company, please contact our customer service team.


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