Manage your parking rights with the fleet management portal (FMP)

You want to manage your employees' long-term parking products easily and quickly? You can now do so with our new fleet management portal. This digital platform makes it possible for you to view, allocate and withdraw parking rights. All parking rights are displayed in a digital overview so that you always have an overview.

Parking permits will also be completely digital, so that a haptic card or remote control is no longer necessary. Your colleagues' season tickets will be transferred to the new Q-Park app and access is now also possible with number plate recognition. This makes parking even more convenient.

Fast and efficient parking

Overview of all your parking rights
Adjust your parking rights easily
No more long-term parking cards required thanks to number plate recognition


Frequently asked questions

How do I get an account?
The Q-Park Fleet team will contact you to guide you through the portal and give you access. 

Is there anywhere I can read about how the portal works?

Please use our detailed instructions. You can find them here.  

What email address should I use to create a Fleet Management account?
We advise you to create an account under a departmental address rather than a personal email address.

We have several customer numbers. Do we get one portal per customer number or will this be linked into one portal?
Currently, one portal is generated per customer number. Linking is not yet possible at the first launch, this will be possible at a later date. However, you can choose to bundle customer numbers so that you have a single portal from the start. 

What is a parking right?
A parking right is similar to a digital smart card. It is the "right" to use the season ticket and park in the corresponding parking facility. 

How do I issue the parking right?
Enter the e-mail address of the user you want to add in the fleet management portal. The user receives an invitation by email, downloads the Q-Park app and then just enters their number plate. As a Fleet Manager, you cannot view the licence plate number stored by the user. 


We used to have haptic long-term parking cards. Can one part of the workforce continue to use the card and the other part the number plate recognition?
No, unfortunately a mixed form is not possible. It is important that the changeover from card to number plate recognition takes place within the following 7 days. Otherwise, the system will arbitrarily deactivate the cards from the stored card pool whenever a new number plate is added. We therefore recommend that all employees switch over at the same time if possible. 

Example: Employee A has already switched to licence plate recognition. His number plate is recognised and he can enter easily and conveniently. Employee B has not yet switched over and would like to drive in with his haptic card, which may no longer be possible because the system for number plate A has deactivated B's card.

Can I link multiple locations to one user?
Yes, this is possible. The user receives an overview of all his subscriptions in the app, so this can be done via the same e-mail address.


What happens to the haptic long-term parking cards?
The haptic long-term parking cards lose their validity from the time they are transferred to the Q-Park app. Please return the cards to us by post. 

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How time-consuming is the use of the fleet management portal?

You only have to invite the users once so that they can use the long-term parking subscription. When an employee leaves your company, you revoke their parking authorisation in the portal and invite a new employee. You cannot and do not have to do more in the fleet management portal itself. 


The long-term parking subscription is not displayed in the app. What now? 

Please log off once in the app and then log on again. If the long-term parking subscription is still not displayed automatically, use the manual registration in the "Products" tab and insert the registration code from the invitation e-mail.

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