Q-Park as a partner

Advertising and marketing

Our park objects are perfect for attention-grabbing advertising. 
We offer a wide range of advertising options, so there's something for everyone! 

You can distribute flyers, goodies or vouchers at our rides, place your advertisement on our park tickets or advertise on backlit city light posters. Our high-quality park objects can also be used as a special photo or film backdrop.

You decide what suits you best. Ask us for your desired solution!

  • Sampling and promotion

    Zur Verteilung bei der Ein- und Ausfahrt oder an den Fußgängerdurchgängen, wo die Parkobjekte am stärksten frequentiert werden: Q-Park bietet in seinen Parkobjekten viele unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten.
  • Advertising on parking tickets

    Triple conspicuous and effective: advertising on the back of parking tickets. After all, this is noticed three times when parking: when entering, when paying and finally when leaving.
  • Citylight Advertising

    In cooperation with the company CITIMEDIA, Q-Park offers the possibility of advertising on city lights in the individual park properties. Just get in touch with us. 
  • Film and photo backdrops

    Durch die Hochwertigkeit seiner Objekte sind Parkhäuser von Q-Park der ideale Ort für Fotoshootings und Filmaufnahmen. Hier bieten wir Ihnen viele Möglichkeiten. 
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