More convenience for your employees

Parking is also quicker and easier for your colleagues thanks to the Q-Park app. The haptic long-term parking card is no longer needed.

Your employees will receive an email inviting them to download the Q-Park app and a link to accept the parking permit. The subscription is already available in the app. All your employees have to do is link their number plate andthe can start parking comfortably without a haptic card.

Stress-free arrival 

Number plate recognition at the barriers

Easy opening of the doors in the facility with the QR code stored in the app

Flexible parking at Q-Park

With Q-Park's fleet management portal, you as an employer have a digital overview of your abonnements at all times. This digital platform allows you to quickly and efficiently overview and manage your parking matters.

You can simply add a new colleague by linking their email to the relevant subscription. Your colleague will then receive an invitation email and their parking privileges will be made available to them. Even if someone should leave your company, you can easily withdraw the parking right and assign it to another person. and the season ticket is available again.

Online Payment Methods