Your 20% discount code on online reservations

With the discount code #studysale you get a 20% discount* on your next online reservation!

*This discount code is limited and can be redeemed until October 31, 2023 for online reservations until July 1, 2024 in German car parks via the Q-Park website. Bookings via the event website ( are excluded.

 Reserve here and redeem code!
Reserve a parking space and save with Deals! Are you planning a city trip and don't want to worry about finding a parking space? Then you've come to the right place! Book your parking space online now! And the highlight is that there are many great deals online. You can save a lot and benefit from guaranteed entry to the parking facility. Even if it is occupied, the barrier will open for you. 

After your reservation, you will receive a booking confirmation. Depending on the parking facility, you either enter with your number plate thanks to number plate recognition or you receive a QR code that you can scan on site for entry and exit! 

How does it work?

Select the city you want to park in above. Then enter the date and time of your arrival and we'll show you where you can park cheaply. Book the parking space, select your preferred payment method - Paypal is also available, of course. A few minutes after your reservation, you will receive an email from us with all the information. 

When you arrive at the parking facility, the barrier opens either automatically thanks to number plate recognition or after scanning your QR code.

When you return, you don't have to go to the pay machine, but can leave immediately if you haven't exceeded your reserved time. The barrier at the exit will open again either automatically based on your licence plate number or after you insert your prepaid ticket, which you previously received at the entrance. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy - reserve now!
Students can park cashless and contactless throughout Europe with the Q-Park app

Stress-free, easy and fast parking - who wouldn't want that? Thanks to the Q-Park App this is now possible!

With the Q-Park app you can park Europe-wide - cashless, contactless and without a paper ticket - in selected underground car parks, multi-storey car parks and on Q-Park car parks. Download the app and start parking stress-free and uncomplicated with us!

Note: please note that the app can currently only be used in selected parking facilities. In the map function of the app you can see the objects in which the app can be used. Other objects will follow shortly.

Everything is digital You can drive into and out of our selected parking facilities using your number plate. Thanks to the Q-Park app, you no longer need a paper ticket, but use your number plate as a means of entry and exit. 
Cashless thanks to Q-Park Pay You will never again have to stand in line at the pay station and pay there with small change. With "Q-Park Pay" in the Q-Park app, you pay automatically after your parking transaction. The costs are automatically debited from your specified payment method after you exit. So you can skip the queue at the pay machine and save precious time.
In Germany and across Europe Q-Park Pay in the Q-Park app can be used in some Q-Park properties in Germany, in almost all in the Netherlands and in all in Belgium. Other park properties in Germany as well as other European countries such as France, Denmark and England will follow shortly.

Have you downloaded the Q-Park app yet?

Download the free Q-Park app now and discover our digital parking options.


Note: please note that the app can currently only be used in selected park facilities in Aachen, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Leverkusen, Darmstadt and Saarbrücken. In the map function of the app you can see the properties where the app is usable. More facilities will follow shortly.

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Your advantages

Stress-free, fast and cheap parking 

- More money for student parties & Co. thanks to cheap online deals

- No payment on site thanks to prepaid ticket

- Guaranteed parking, even at peak times 

- Guaranteed entry to the parking facility, even if "occupied" is indicated
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