7x24 Premium With the Q-Park Premium 7 x 24 subscription, you can park in "your" car park around the clock, seven days a week, and always use the same parking space that is allocated only to you.

Your advantages at a glance: 

| You always have a safe, dry parking space in all weathers.
| You have your own fixed parking space of your choice
| You always have access to the car park. 
| You can park at a permanently low price. 
| You always have a personal contact person.

Stress avoidance
Avoid the excitement and uncertainty of finding a free parking space with your permanently allocated parking space. With a Premium parking space, you can be sure of having a parking space in a known location even when the occupied sign is illuminated.

Save time
Save time with your permanently allocated parking space. If you know your parking space in advance, you no longer have to drive around looking for a free space and can save a lot more time. 

And this is how it works

When you sign a contract, you will receive a map of your parking space if you haven't already chosen it beforehand, and detailed instructions and assistance on how to download and log in to the Q-Park app so that you can conveniently and easily drive in and out via number plate recognition and drive directly to your fixed parking space.

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